Friday, December 24, 2010

Casserole Kimono for Carrie

You can make this project in about 60-90 minutes -- from cutting to machine quilting. I fell in love with the Casserole Kimono pattern from while we were snow-bound in Laramie, Wyoming just after Thanksgiving. Mr. Myrt is so good about going to quilt shops with me!  ;)

When I saw this fabric, I just knew this would be for my youngest daughter Carrie. Active in her church work, and busy as a mom and PTA president, Carrie can keep something warm or cold as the case may be. I had to shop around for a 9x13" pan with a clear plastic lid (most are red or blue, that would clash with my fabric choices.) The pattern says this also fits an 8x8" pan, so I guess you'd just fold things in a bit?

The pattern called for batting, but I used Insul-Bright which is needle punched and has "a reflective metalized poly film" just perfect for making pot holders and such. I got mine at my local WalMart, one of the few I've shopped lately that hasn't closed down the fabric department.

Isn't the wooden spoon a great touch?