Monday, October 26, 2015

Be part of the 1812 Star-Spangled Quilt Project

The Genea-Quilters group will be creating a quilt themed to honor Francis Scott Key’s “Star-Spangled Banner”. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness and donate funds to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions Fund, supporting efforts to digitize the War of 1812 Pension Applications held by the US National Archives.

The quilt will be awarded at the completion of the project period by a random drawing from the names of those who have participated in the project in any, or all, of the following three ways:

1.   Create a block for the Star-Spangled Banner quilt.
To maintain a consistent look for the overall quilt, participants must follow the following recommendations for fabric choice, size, and block style.

§  FABRIC: Once the center panel has been created, fabric guidelines and recommendations including colors and manufacturers, will be displayed on the Genea-Quilters Blog. (Please check back around Nov 10th - notification will be made on Facebook and on the blog when the fabric guidelines are available. Thank you for your patience!)

§  SIZE: Finished trimmed block size must be squared to 10”.

§  PATTERN: Please choose any traditional-style block pattern. Suggestions and website links to block patterns will be available on the Genea-Quilters Blog.

Blocks will not be accepted for inclusion in the quilt if they contain applique or embellishment of any kind, such as paints, beads, charms, etc.

In order to be included in the final quilt, all block submissions must be accompanied by BOTH a completed official submission form, and a photograph of the entrant holding their quilt block. Submission forms will be available on the Genea-Quilters Blog.. Additional photographs are welcome. Submission forms and photographs are to be submitted with the quilt block, or sent digitally to If a quilter has not returned their submission form, the quilt block may not be included in the final quilt.

2.  Submit an article for the accompanying e-book.
Submit an original article of no less than 250 words about your ancestor that participated in the War of 1812 in some way, OR how using digitized military records has enriched your own genealogy research.  Articles should be typed with minimal formatting, and may (but are not required to) include up to four photographs.

3.  Donate to the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt Fund.
A dedicated Pay-Pal account has been set up to accept donations which will be given to the Preserve the Pensions Fund at the close of the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt Project. All monetary donations to this account will go directly to the Preserve the Pensions fund at the completion of the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt Project. Donations may be made at

In order to gain an entry into the final drawing for the quilt, a contributor’s name must accompany their monetary donation. Those wishing to remain anonymous may so indicate at the time of their donation, but will be also entered into the drawing for the quilt unless they also specifically request to be excluded.  Unless anonymity is requested, donors’ names (but not contribution amounts) may be included in the memorial booklet being prepared about the quilt, the quilters, and their ancestor stories.

Additional Information:
All submissions to the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt Project, including all quilt blocks, articles, and monetary or material donations, will become the property of Genea-Quilters. Any written submissions will be given appropriate credit and attribution to the author, along with permission for that author to post or publish all or any part of their original work in any other form.

Any costs associated with the creation and promotion of the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt will be handled with separate donations made by arrangement with the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt coordinators. Possible additional expenses may include quilt construction, machine quilting, transportation, as well as memorial book and other printing expenses, if any.

Monies received will be reported monthly via the Genea-Quilters Blog. Project progress and any additional notifications or information will also be updated regularly on the Genea-Quilters Blog. All contributions made to the Genea-Quilters Star Spangled Banner Quilt Project PayPal account will be donated to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions Fund  at the completion of the project time period.

Participants may participate as much as they would like, however only one entry will be submitted per individual.

Everyone who contributes in at least one of the three ways listed above will receive a PDF copy of the Memorial book.

Winner will be chosen at random and the decision of the judges is final.

Timeline of Events

The timeline for the creation, display, and awarding of the quilt is tentatively set as follows:

Project officially begins
All Genea-Quilters
The Genea-Quilters will create a quilt in honor of Francis Scott Key and his creation of the Star Spangled Banner during the bombardment of Ft. McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland during the War of 1812. Monies raised will be donated to the Federation of Genealogical Societies for their "Preserve The Pensions" project.
Voting on center panel design BEGINS
All Genea-Quilters
The quilt blocks will frame a central theme block. The final size of the quilt will depend on the number of blocks received.
Voting on center panel design ENDS at midnight Eastern Standard Time
All Genea-Quilters
Be sure to vote!
Details posted on the Genea-Quilters blog
All Genea-Quilters
Fabric, block size and pattern guidelines will be available.
All participants
Pictures and project updates will be posted on the Genea-Quilters Facebook page and blog.
Absolute final cut-off for receiving quilt blocks
Tami Osmer Mize
All block submissions MUST be received by February 25, 2016. Please allow for adequate delivery time depending on how you send them.
Deadline for articles for Memorial Book
All Genea-Quilters
In addition to the required "1812 Ancestor" form to be submitted with any quilt block, participants must also submit photographs of themselves holding their block submission. Additional 1812 Ancestor stories and information will be accepted up to this date as well.
To be determined
Finished quilt will be sent out for final stitching.
Memorial book available
Tami Osmer Mize
PDF copy of memorial book emailed to all participants.
8/31 - 9/3/2016
Quilt and Memorial Book On Display
FGS attendees
The final quilt will be on display at the 2016 FGS Conference in Springfield, Illinois, at the FGS booth.
2/8 - 2/11/2017
Quilt and Memorial Book On Display
RootsTech 2017
The final quilt will be on display at the FGS booth.
Presentation of Quilt
RootsTech 2017
Drawing will be done at RootsTech 2017, date to be determined.

The coordinators for the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt Project are Tami Osmer Mize, Gena Philibert Ortega, and Pat Richley-Erickson.  Additional details, or any changes to these will be noted on the Genea-Quilters Blog and the Genea-Quilters Facebook Group.  Please email any questions to