Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Semi-Annual Genea-Quilters Raffle @FGS2010

FOR DETAILS of the #FGS2010 raffle, click here.

WHAT would you like to see in the Genea-Quilters 1st semi-annual raffle?

A new rotary cutter?

A sought after quilt book?

Fabric brights or pastels?

An cache of fat quarters?

Fabric for Halloween? Christmas?  New Years?

What about  a gift card to use at your favorite fabric store?

A pack of ink-jet printer fabric for photo transfers?

A subscription to your favorite quilting magazine?

Give me some ideas, and I'll try to make most of it happen for the 1st semi-annual Genea-Quilters Raffle at FGS 2010 Knoxville next week, building up to the 2nd semi-annual Genea-Quilters Raffle at NGS in the spring.