Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Design Board at E-Quilter

One thing I LOVE about is the drag-n-drop design board. You go through the site picking out various fabrics and adding them to your wish list. Then you click to view your wish list in "design board" mode. You'll find all your fabric swatches in the upper left corner. Drag and drop them where you wish on the white board.

This way you can determine if you like the fabrics together before you purchase them. This is particularly useful when you find fabrics that are not part of a set of companion fabrics.

I am considering remaking my DearMYRTLE quilt banner, though a bit smaller than the 8x2 foot one I use in my design studio. Right now I've decided to eliminate the pink fabric in the upper right, because I I just don't like the tone.

I also ran across the cute multi-colored random dots fabric in the lower right, which looks a lot more interesting for a border sash than the usual pindot in the upper left of my design board.

What do you think about the eQuilter online design board?