Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue

You'd think it would be a simple thing to find a Sunbonnet Sue pattern for two of my additions to the 2011 Southern California Jamboree Quilt Block Challenge. I've seen everything from Holly Hobbie-type Sues, to Southern Sues and everything in between.

Finally I located this snapshot from a quilt made by Paula Bundick's grandmother, Alta P. Meador Probasco of Floydada, TX, shown above.  "Alta lived to be 93 and 3/4 years old." I guess I like this pattern because of the traditional white background, and the use of yellow sashes between the blocks. I remember the ladies in our Seattle First Ward Relief Society quilting two twin-sized quilts for my room in a similar pattern with the yellow sashes. I couldn't have been more than 5 years of age, so that would put it at about 1955-56.

So I printed the picture, reduced it 50%, then used my lightbox to trace the essential elements. I've printed the resulting pattern on some "June Taylor Ink Jet Printable Freezer Paper" which I purchased at JoAnn's to compare with making my own sheets with real freezer paper. Right now, I'd say the June Taylor paper is very thin, compared to your normal freezer paper

Here are some contenders, if you are also in the hunt and would like to see some of the alternatives I liked: