Monday, August 1, 2011

A Visit to Springfield Illinois quilt shop during FGS 2011 Conf in Sept

Thanks to Paula Stuart-Warren who is attempting to locate good quilting shops in the Springfield, Illinois region so that we can have an informal Genea-Quilters Field Trip during the 2011 FGS Conference Sept 7-10. I have been holding back because my oldest daughter is expecting a baby, but her due date has now been changed from 7 Sept to August 30th. Good thing, since I am scheduled as a luncheon speaker during FGS. (but I digress!)

From Paula: 
So far this is what I have found: (in Rochester, IL, 8 miles from Springfield) 

Maybe these folks could give you some suggestions:

And see the July 19th posts about the two shops I already sent you:

OK, gang, have any of us visited the shops in question?

Just wondering what we might do to arrange a little visit, but would like your input.