Monday, April 23, 2012

Just 4 of over 200 quilts

Sandie Nagy writes
I've sent you just a few of the quilts my mother did.  She did all hand quilting, and the one called "Grandmother's Flower garden, she had to cut each piece separately and then sew brown paper to the back so in all reality she had to do each one twice.  

The Dresden plate was started by my Great-Grandmother (on my dad's side) in 1920's and then my mother finished it.  The quilt w/ the purple ribbon was the last one she did and she finished it 2 weeks before she died.  I had to have binding put on, but she had already made the binding.  I entered it in the Iron County fair, the year after she died and she had taken the top 3 awards.  They were Grand Sweepstakes, Reserve Sweepstakes (on the child's candlewick) and the Judges choice (on the Candlewick Xmas Tree Squirt.)  She was a woman of many talents.  

Too bad she didn't pass some on to me.  But she hated computers and wouldn't even use an ATM. She made over 200 quilts since 1980s.

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  1. Her quilts are beautiful. Dresden Plate is one of my favorite patterns (not to make, but to see) probably because my grandmother and mother made several. They used 1930s and '40s fabrics and seemed to have a nearly endless variety. As a child I laid on the bed and tried to find one fabric in other plates. They didn't repeat many times.

    I am amazed by your grandmother's Child's Candlewick. It it beautiful. She was a very prolific quilter to have made so many.