Thursday, November 12, 2015

The fabric choices

If you are interested in participating in the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt project, this post summarizes the requirements for blocks submissions to be considered for the quilt.


The center panel of the quilt is a single piece of custom-made fabric, designed by Pat Richley-Erickson, with technical assistance using Photoshop Elements 13 from Teri Chaffin and Terri Kallio.


For your pieced squares to be considered for the quilt, they must use all or any combination of the following fabrics without exception:


10 inch squared-up final size, pressed, per Be part of the 1812 Star-Spangled Quilt Project


Blocks must be made using the any combination from the fabrics listed above, using only traditional, old-fashioned block patterns. To keep with the historical theme of the quilt, no modern design blocks will be accepted. Do not embellish the blocks in any way - no embroidery, paints, applique, beads, charms. For suggestions with links to free patterns, see  Resources for Free Traditional Quilt Patterns

IMPORTANT - for your quilt square to be considered, you must

    •  a) your experience as a quilter, b) information about your 1812 pensioner, include name and service unit etc., or why this project is important to you (if you haven't found an 1812 pensioner in your research yet) and C) why you decided to participate in this quilt project.
  • Submit a photo of yourself holding your completed quilt square
  • Deadline: All blocks, submission forms and photographs must be received BY February 20, 2016. The address to mail the completed blocks to will be sent once the submission form is received.


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