Saturday, August 13, 2016

Star-Spangled Banner Quilter: Alice Allen

The Genea-Quilters Facebook Group is proud to recognize Alice Allen's contribution to the Star-Spangled Banner Quilt

This Washington state resident considers herself a traditional quilter though she also enjoys scrap quilting.

Alice has an veteran of the War of 1812!

Andrew Millett, her 4th great-grandfather was born in 1767 in Voluntown, Connecticut. He served from New York.  According to Military History of Wayne County, NY he served in the 39th Infantry, Captain Hinckley's company, as a private.  Some of his brothers also served from Allegany and Wayne counties in New York.
Here's a close up of her two blocks.

Everyone who participated in its creation is entered in the drawing to win the quilt. But wait! There's more!

There are still opportunities available to WIN this beautiful king-size, handmade quilt!

1. Submit an article about YOUR War of 1812 ancestor, or how using digitized military records has enhanced your own genealogy research. Articles should be a minimum of 250 words, and emailed by November 1, 2016 to

2. Donate via the Genea-Quilters PayPal account. Be sure to include your contact information! You may also use the Donate button on the side of this blog article.

Please share this with all of your friends, both online and off. We'd love this quilt to make a big difference towards preserving the War of 1812 pensions!

Every cent donated will go to the Preserve the Pensions fund. All costs related to making this gorgeous quilt were generously donated. The PayPal donation links are direct via

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