Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dad's 88th Birthday Quilt

This is the quilt I made for dad for his 88th birthday, 15 Sept 2006. He already had everything, and he LOVES family. That is a picture of Dad and Blanche in the middle. Scattered around are appliques of each of their children and grandchildren. I arranged them in family groups.

Little did I realize that Dad would request we look at the quilt whenever we knew a family member would come by for a visit. He said he was afraid he'd forget who was who, and he wanted to be able to ask real questions in his conversations. "So they know that I love them!"

Blanche died the day after Christmas 2006, and then Dad died 28 Sept 2008.

I never dreamed I'd inherit this quilt so quickly.

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  1. Here's one my wife and I made for an aunt for her 70th birthday. I did all the computer/photo stuff and printed them on fabric and Lisa sewed it all together, then another aunt put the backing (is it called batting?) on it.