Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's Your Favorite Quilt Read?

I love quilt books. I even have some that mix genealogy with quilting. My favorite quilt magazine is Quilter's Home. This magazine is fun and has great articles. It's very different than your everyday quilt magazine.

My favorite quilt books are those that involve the state quilt documentation projects. One example is North Carolina Quilts. These books are great because they not only tell the history of quilts in that state but they include the maker's photograph and bio. These are a great genealogical source for finding information on women's lives.

So what is your favorite quilt read?


  1. One of my favorites in my collection was written by Linda Otto Lipsett . . . "Remember Me, Women & Their Friendship Quilts" . . .

  2. I just purchased a book by John Rice Irwin A PEOPLE AND THEIR QUILTS. He created the Museum of Appalachia, and acquired some quilts for his collection. It is the one-on-one interview that get to me in these books. What a rich heritage we share as quilters!

  3. Here are a few of my favorite western states quilt books: The Quilt That Walked To Golden by Sandra Dallas; Aurora: An American Experiece in Quilt, Community and Craft by Jane Kirkpatrick; and Quilts of the Golden West by Cindy Brick.

    I also love Cindy's book, Crazy Quilts.

    Sandra Dallas and Jane Kirkpatrick also incoroporate quilts into their historical fiction books. Sandra's are set in Colorado and Jane's are set in Oregon.