Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2011 Monthly Wall Quilt Project Challenge

Whilst on our 1st Semi-Annual Genea-Quilters Field Trip to Mamaw's Thimble & Quilt Shop last month in Knoxville, Tennessee, I picked up this kewl pattern booklet and full-size patternsKim Schaefer's Calendar Quilts: 12 Months of Fun, Fusible Projects. I am not usually into fusible quilt projects, but see this as a way to make 12 wall hangings to brighten a corner of my kitchen dining area.


1. Order your own set of the pattern. (It is a little over $12 at Amazon today.)

2.  Create each monthly wall hanging by the 1st of the month in question. (January's needs to be completed 1 January).

3. Submit  a pic of you with each month's completed project to me so it can be added to our Calendar Quilts Hall of Fame that will appear in this blog.

4. Have fun!

What say ye, fellow Genea-Quilters?

This may be the first time I'll actually complete a quilt project and keep it! (I am prone to giving each quilt away!).


  1. The book is also available as a downloadable file from:
    for $12.99.
    It looks so cute. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

  2. This is going to be challenging to me, but i consider sewing a relaxing activity for me. So will work on this.

  3. Thanks PAM for the info! -- and HUMMER, glad to hear you are taking up the challenge!