Friday, September 10, 2010

My colors ~ January 2011 wall hanging

OK, so I thought if I've just set-up the 2011 Monthly Wall Quilt Project Challenge, the least I could do is get started on January 2011's entry, so that I can take it easy in December with all the planned holiday events. I thought about purchasing the fabric combination suggested, but ended up using these scraps from my sewing room. (Imagine that!)

These colors reflect my preference for various shades of aquamarine. I think the light background is much like the air on a snowy day.

So far, six of us have committed to the 2011 wall hanging challenge. 

I'm wondering what colors you've chosen. Drop me a line, or upload a pic of your color swatches to our Genea-Quilters Facebook page.




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  1. My pattern book arrived while I was away for a long weekend. got home last night and opened it straight away.
    I'm definitely thinking blues, and I think I have some blue and white spotty fabric that will do nicely for the background or border. I will have to open up the trunk in the loft to find out, and see what else is in there. I haven't done any sewing for ages, and I used to do lots; this is really exciting!