Monday, February 21, 2011

February Quilt Project - Way to Go Diane!


Diane Gianini has completed a MARVELOUS rendition of the February wall hanging from the  2011 Monthly Wall Quilt Project Challenge. Posted on Diane's Facebook wall, the striking use of printed fabric for the center hearts really jumps out. That fabric is killer, Diane. I've been with you on the shop hop in Knoxville, and think your alternative choice of colors and modified design are marvelous. I just now noticed the lazy heart stippling in the lower right portion of the white field. AWESOME.

Note the "Snoopy" bits of whimsy in the corners.  ;)

Darling white on white backing fabric & detail of border stitching.

Diane got really creative. Her machine has some fancy stitches, used to letter the sentimental "Be My Valentine" and the tiny hearts on the border. I am wondering if the silk organza was slippery when doing the machine applique. This quilted wall hanging is a testament to Diane's skill at adapting a design, using color and patterns to create a delightful reminder of the year's most beLOVEd holiday.