Monday, February 21, 2011

Tina receives a gem from WraggedyPatches' Candice

Who says it is better to give than receive? :::giggle:::

Tina Sansone  is the lucky recipient of this gorgeous quilt. She wrote "I did some family history for my son-in-law's grandparents. His grandmother makes AWESOME Quilts, even has a blog for it. She made me an AWESOME Beautiful Quilt and I received it today. Was so excited and I knew this group would appreciate my happiness. My first Quilt...Thank you Candice Wragg. LOVE IT!" Thanks for posting the picture of this gem on the Genea-Quilters Facebook page.

Another quilt blog? I did a Google Search using "Candice Wragg +quilt" (without quote marks) and found Candice's Wraggedy Patches quilt blog! LOVE that name! The February 16th posting involves getting ORGANIZED. This gal has quite a stash. When you visit Candice's blog, be sure to spot her treasured Featherweight on the top of one of her shelves.

Thanks for sharing the quilt, Tina, so we could learn more about this creative quilter!