Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Genea-Quilters 2011 Block Challenge

 Support the 2012 Scholarship Fund for
The Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree

We need your help to make at least one quilt block in this super-quick, high-profile block challenge.

Deadline: 15 April 2011 (revised!)

We're going to raffle a quilt at the Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree on Saturday, 11 June 2011 at the Marriott Burbank Conference Center. Proceeds will be donated to the Society's scholarship fund for the 2012 Jamboree.

Genea-Quilters is sponsoring the block challenge, with the Glendale Quilting Guild's able assistance. All quilters are encouraged to participate by providing blocks. The Glendale Quilting Guild will piece the quilt, safety pin, install binding, then set the quilt up on a frame for tying during the first two days of the 2011 Jamboree.  Genea-Quilter Myrt will make individual postings at the Genea-Quilters Blog out of your photos and write-ups. Genea-Quilter Tami will create a .PDF doc, and Genea-Quilter Genea will have the resulting book printed out in full color at her local copy office. The book about the quilt will be given to the winner of the quilt raffle.

The Southern California Genealogical Society will administer the funds, reporting to Genea-Quilters by July 15th about the amount our quilt raised for the scholarship. A panel of both Southern California and Genea-Quilters will review applications for the 2012 Jamboree Scholarship received by 15 October 2011. More information on this process to follow. Scholarship winner will be announced on 1 January 2012.


A. Post a comment to this blog entry indicating your participation in this quilting challenge, including the number of blocks you will complete.

B. Choose a quilt block design that reflects your heritage in some way, perhaps the design, or maybe the name of the block itself (i.e., Ohio Star, Road to California, etc).

C. Quilt fabric choices can be from your stash or from new fabrics as you choose. We are going for a muted US Civil War era color scheme, with either dark brown or black for sashes, backing and binding. For color inspiration see:

D. Quilters may submit multiple quilt blocks. However, EACH block submitted  must include:
  1. One 8" finished quilt block
  2. Name of quilter and name of quilt block design
  3. Photograph of quilter holding the completed block
  4. Photograph of the quilt block (closeup)
  5. Quilter's small signature in a discrete corner or side of the block. This may be embroidered or written with a thin permanent marker.
  6. A writeup about how your block was chosen and how it relates to your heritage or family history.If you include an ancestral photo of an individual, his home, or a quilt, so much the better.

DEADLINE: The quilt blocks, with accompanying photos and write-ups must be in Gena's hands no later than 15 April 2011. No exceptions. See Gena's contact info below.

__ Submit a digital copy of your photo with the block(s) to Myrt.

__ Submit a digital closeup photos of your quilt block to Myrt.

__ Submit a digital writeup of your Name, email address and the writeup about your block(s) to Myrt.

__ Submit a digital copy of any related ancestral photos.

__ Contact Gena Ortega personally for her street address. She is collecting the blocks, and working with Paula Hinkel and the Glendale Quilting Guild to produce the quilt.

__ Print out a copy of the 2 photos and your writeup, to include with your block(s) when you send them to Gena.

__ Make a comment at the Genea-Quilters Blog indicating your block(s) are on their way to Gena.

Quilters will receive one "free registration" raffle ticket for each quilt block submitted -- to receive free registration at the 2012 Jamboree! AWESOME!